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1 Million Views on Lini YouTube Channel!

Posted by Lini cube on

Once we started with the Lini cube project, we needed a way to demonstrate the uniqueness of Lini cube. Especially in what ways it is superior to the conventional building blocks and other construction toys. 

We quickly discovered, that quite a number of people don't understand the amazing design and potential of this unique building block by just looking at it.

We had to find a way to demonstrate them in a powerful way. Already very early on we used short 3D animated videos. We got them ready before publicly launching the project. 

At first we didn't want them on YouTube and chose Vimeo to host our Videos. We ended up uploading them to both channels but treated YouTube more like an orphan. 

The next time we logged into YouTube, we had 390 subscribers without even doing anything. If we needed to embed a video, we used Vimeo. But somehow those 390 people found us and liked it so much, that they subscribed to our channel. 

We decided not to neglect YouTube anymore and give it some more resources. We still don't do any advertising, but trying to find out what kinds of videos they like and creating them even though we wouldn't need them for the Lini project. Now, a half a year later, we already have 888 organic subscribers and over 1 million views. 

Have a look:


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