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Build Freely

We want to inspire, not instruct!

As a missionary child I lived the first years of my life in third world countries. Our toys literally were sticks, rocks and dirt. However, every stone, every twig was different. There were no two alike. 
They also didn’t come with instructions on how to play with them. Imagination and creativity was required to make them come alive.

We have many inspirational pictures, but in order to be true to our concept of nurturing the natural creativity of children we purposely do not add any manual, building ideas or instructions to our product.

Children are amazingly creative if they are given the necessary space. In fact many creations we show were made by children, things we would have never come up with. Adding a manual would kill that.

We observed, that as soon there is a manual children don’t dare to be creative. They don’t want to make a mistake. What happens is, they will ask for help in completing the instructions. So the adults end up building it.