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LINI Features

LINI CUBE feature variety

Lini cube is the most versatile building block. There are 105 different ways you can plug a Lini cube into another. 11 times more compared to a conventional building block. 

 Lini cube sideplug feature

You can use the sides to build. The conventional building blocks would only allow you to build on top.  


Lini cube upside down feature

Build without defining a top, side or bottom. Make a bathtub, turn it around and let it be a table. 


Lini cube move feature

The move feature lets you have moving parts within your building. Build a couch that converts into a bed or a fence with gates that open and close.


Lini cube add feature

Add something to the side of a finished building like a stairway, bunk bed or a balcony without having to reassemble it.


Lini cube 3D puzzle feature

Create your own stunning 3D puzzles. 


Lini cube hide feature

Build items that complement each other


Lini cube color match feature

The color concept SHADES helps children develop a taste for matching colors. The challenge was not to only match the shades but any color within our 18 color matrix.

Just combine any color of your choice out of those 18 and they will match. How we came up with this matrix is a little secret but how it works is magical.


 Lini cube feature design

Luxury of Simplicity. One does it all. Creating a product with all those features and to still keep it simple and beautiful is quite a challenge. In the acoustics the sinus wave will create a harmonious sound. I tried to transfer this principle to the design of the lini cube. I used sinus curves to make the design feel harmonious. The intersection of horizontal and vertical sinus curves create the beautiful pattern. It looks like little pillows.


Lini cube educational feature

We had the chance to test the lini cube in various protectories. It was interesting to see how different children approach building. Some would just build in two dimensions even though they have the ability to build in any direction. Some would create awesome spatial buildings right from the start.

This showed us, that Lini cube is not just a great educational toy but also ideal to test or experiment on cognitive abilities like perception, attention, memory, learning, problem solving, creativity, planning, orientation, imagination…
In fact, our most popular videos on YouTube are the educational ones.


Lini cube feature copy safe

There is a lot of care we put into the production of Lini cube. We want to protect our customers and ourselves from counterfeit products. In order to do that, we pioneered with a company that also equips the Euro bill with copy protection. We are proud to be the first in the toy industry to integrated a sophisticated invisible plagiarism protection right into the material of every single cube. Video: The meter will show “0” if a Lini cube is not equipped with the counterfeit protection.


Lini cube feature copy safe

Together with Selinko we are pioneering to implement the most secure authentication to our products. The encrypted NFC tag allows users to do a quick authentication check with an NFC equipped smartphone. In addition we use this feature to provide product related information and personalise it. Read the press release.